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To succeed in something you should like it. That's what my grandfather said! I started in 1967 from Palaichori to Canada for a career in engineering. I was already on the way to engineering, but my interest was in other fields.

A random (!) acquaintance with the Italian pizza master, senior Francesco Longo, my admiration for his skills, his theory and his product, immediately convinced me to become his student.

When later I took over the private store (Quo Vadis Pizza), the work was increased by 350% and this went on for over 15 years ...

Our success in Toronto Pizza (Cyprus) is beyond our expectations.

Today we are the largest Cypriot pizza store with a Franchise system, and with our management offices being located on Athalassa avenue, in Strovolos.

We never underestimate the client's knowledge and perception. Customer distinguishes QUALITY, PRICE, SERVICE and CLEANANCE. We never play with them.

Costas Kouroufexis - Chairman